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How To Prepare for a Dental Emergency

May 12, 2022
Posted By: Advanced Dental Care
Dental Emergency in Advanced Dental Care

While our predictions have improved when it comes to traffic and the weather, we still live in an inherently capricious world where unexpected challenges present themselves at inopportune times. So while you can’t know when a dental emergency may occur, the fact that you know it can happen anytime should help you prepare.

That also reflects our mission at Advanced Dental Care in Winter Springs, FL. We treat you as we’d want our own family treated, which means helping you get ready for a dental emergency through preparation and prevention.

What Steps You Can Take

When confronted with an emergency, many of us will ask the near-universal question, ‘what do I do first?’ The typical answer is ‘don’t panic.’ This is good advice because panic reduces your ability to reason under pressure, but how to avoid panic circles back; be prepared. We panic mostly when we don’t know what to do.

The next step? Call Advanced Dental Care right away so we can advise you on the best course of action. But if you’re looking for some general guidelines, here are two especially vital ones:

  1. Treat a knocked-out tooth Immediately – if a permanent tooth has come entirely out of its socket, the sooner you seek care, the more likely you can save it.
  2. Severe dental infections – these can be emergencies if your condition has spread from your mouth to other parts of your body. If you have tooth infection symptoms combined with a general fever, seek care without delay.

How Our Membership Plan Promotes Prevention

Another way to be prepared is on the financial side. When asked about emergencies, most people expressed concern about paying for it. Our team understands this issue and is proud to offer the Advanced Dental Membership PlanTM. For an annual membership fee, we provide cleanings and check-ups; preventive treatments that help catch problems before they become emergencies.

Among its other benefits, our membership plan gives you discounts on procedures you may need in an emergency, such as tooth fillings, root canal therapy, and dental crowns.

Your Emergency Dentist in Winter Park, FL

If you need to schedule an emergency dental appointment in Winter Springs, Winter Park, Bertha, Oviedo, Longwood, or Casselberry, we are ready to talk you through your concerns. Please call our dental office immediately at (407) 696-6700, and we’ll help resolve your emergency as quickly as possible, sometimes even on the same day.

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