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My dentist told me I need a crown. Can I just get a filling instead?

You can be confident that the team at Advanced Dental Care will always recommend the most conservative treatment option for your individual needs. Dental fillings and crowns both play an essential part in protecting your smile and keeping it healthy and functional. But they are not interchangeable procedures.

In general, Dr. Young recommends a crown when more than half the tooth is compromised. This can be the result of decay, cracking, excessive wear from grinding, or dental injury.

A crown is a restoration that offers full coverage of a tooth and protects it in a way that a filling can’t. If we attempt to put a filling in a tooth that requires a crown, we put the tooth at even greater risk because a filling that is too large will cause the tooth to break. Unfortunately, when this happens, the tooth is often no longer savable and will need to be removed.

In addition to our high-quality lab-fabricated crowns, we also offer you the option of choosing state-of-the-art CEREC crowns. This technology allows us to design, fabricate, and place an all-porcelain crown in just one office visit. Using CEREC, we can streamline the usual process because we create your new crown in our office while you wait.

CEREC crowns are similar in cost to a lab-fabricated crown, and dental insurance usually covers some portion of treatment.

Please call our Winter Springs dental office to learn more about our beautiful, durable crowns.

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