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What happens during an oral cancer screening?

Did you know that according to the National Cancer Institute, oral cancer is responsible for one death every hour in America? This silent killer is hard to detect on your own, and that's why routine visits to your trusted dentist at Advanced Dental Care in Florida are so important.

During your exam, Dr. Young will screen you for oral cancer with a thorough examination of your tongue, soft tissues, and gums. We can also use our Trimira Indentafi 3000 technology for a small fee, which goes beyond what the naked eye can detect using three distinct light wavelengths to detect problematic lesions. 

The earlier we can detect oral cancer, the better your prognosis for successful treatment and recovery will be.

Oral cancer can look very similar to canker sores, so it's important to alert your dentist to any changes you notice in your mouth or dental health. Some other warning signs of oral cancer are:

  • Throat pain or discomfort when swallowing
  • White or red lesions in your soft tissues
  • A growth or lump inside your mouth or neck
  • A lesion or sore that doesn't heal within 14 days
  • Ear pain

Your best defense against this deadly disease is routine oral cancer screenings in Winter Springs, FL. Contact Advanced Dental Care at (407) 696-6700 to schedule yours.

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