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Does Invisalign® fix an overbite?

You've more than likely seen the results: people of all ages proudly showing off their new, straight smiles after using Invisalign. But can this system really fix an overbite, or are you better off sticking with traditional braces?

What Is an Overbite?

An overbite is a common dental issue when the upper teeth protrude too far over the lower teeth. It happens for several reasons, including genetics, misalignment of the jaw, and thumb sucking. An overbite can lead to problems, including pain in the jaw and TMJ disorders.

Fix Your Overbite With Invisalign in Winter Springs, FL

So, can Invisalign fix an overbite? The short answer is yes! In fact, Invisalign is an effective treatment for a wide variety of dental issues, including overbites. While we may recommend traditional orthodontics for complex cases, Invisalign can address most orthodontic problems.

Additionally, Invisalign is virtually invisible when worn, which means that others will barely notice that you're straightening your teeth. And because the aligners are removable, you can eat, brush, and floss as usual— no need to change your diet or oral hygiene routine! 

So, if you're looking for a dentist in 32708—and a virtually invisible way to achieve your perfect smile—give us a call!

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