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What is a root canal and why do I need it?

A root canal is a procedure that is needed when an infection develops, causing severe pain and threatening the health of your tooth. If we don’t save the tooth by performing a root canal, the only remaining option is extraction.

During a root canal, Dr. Young opens up a small hole in your tooth that he uses to access the infection. Using state-of-the-art instruments, he gently and thoroughly cleans out the inner portion of your tooth, clears away the infection, then seals the tooth with a filling material.

After a tooth has had root canal treatment, it tends to become brittle and will require a restoration like a dental crown to strengthen it and protect it from damage.

The team at Advanced Dental Care understands that even though a root canal infection can be painful, you may be tempted to avoid treatment. You should know that we always put your needs and comfort first. Our team will go out of their way to support you during your procedure, and Dr. Young can also prescribe a calming medication for you to take beforehand.

If you have a toothache, tenderness, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, you may have a root canal infection. Please call us and we will be sure to get you on our schedule right away, often the same day.

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