Adult Orthodontics in Winter Springs, FL

Woman Smiling with Invisalign in Winter Springs, FL There are many reasons why it's important to have a great smile. One of the biggest is the boost in confidence it gives you, both in your personal and professional life. 

While having a great smile is something many patients at Advanced Dental Care strive for, we've found that adults often believe that it is too late to correct misaligned teeth. If you have visions of metal brackets, irritated mouth tissue, and frequent adjustments, you may feel that the process is more trouble than the results are worth. 

Invisalign Fits Your Lifestyle

Fortunately, Winter Springs, FL dentist Dr. Christopher Young offers our patients a different option for straightening misaligned teeth. Invisalign clear orthodontics are extremely popular among our adult patients who are interested in straightening their smile without regular braces. 

Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to move teeth gently into proper alignment. The system offers patients a discreet way to reposition teeth without everyone knowing you're having treatment. 

In addition to being discreet, Invisalign has other benefits when compared to traditional braces:

  • Comfortable – Traditional braces are made of metal brackets and wires that can irritate the inside of the mouth. Invisalign trays are made of a smooth, comfortable, plastic that conforms perfectly to the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Removable – Even though the trays are comfortable, there are still times when you will need to remove them. With traditional braces, many foods are off limits during treatment. With Invisalign, you simply remove the trays while you eat and enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Short treatment times – Invisalign is designed to move teeth quickly, and we can often achieve the desired result in as little as twelve months.

Convenient Short-Term Treatment

Woman after Invisalign in Winter Springs, FLBecause of the unique way that Invisalign gently moves teeth into proper position, you will enjoy greater convenience than with traditional orthodontics:

  • The Invisalign system requires fewer dental appointments than traditional braces. Instead of coming in once a month for tightening of brackets and wires, patients swap out trays every two weeks and come to the office about every six weeks for a progress check.
  • The design of traditional braces makes it difficult to clean your teeth thoroughly, which can lead to decay and gum disease. With Invisalign, it's easy to maintain proper oral hygiene because you take the trays out and can brush your teeth thoroughly.
  • Your Invisalign treatment is customized specifically for you. The entire treatment plan is mapped out digitally in advance, and you will receive several sets of clear Invisalign aligners designed to guide your teeth into proper position. You need to wear each set for at least 22 hours a day, removing them only to eat and brush. After two weeks, you will switch to the next set of aligners.

Six Month Smiles

Is it really possible to have a straight smile in just six months? The answer is yes!

At Advanced Dental Care we are pleased to offer our patients the convenience and beautiful results of the Six Month Smiles adult orthodontics. Since the goal of treatment with Six Month Smiles is only to straighten only the teeth that show when you smile, we can complete the process in as little as six months.

Many adults have the idea that the only way to straighten teeth is with metal orthodontics. But advances in adult orthodontic treatment have brought us numerous options for making treatment faster and more comfortable than ever before.

Six Month Smiles works by combining the effectiveness of metal orthodontics with the comfort and esthetics of clear braces.

How Can Six Month Smiles Braces Work So Fast?

The purpose of long-term orthodontic treatment is to correct a misaligned dental bite. But many adults who have only have slightly crooked or crowded teeth may not need to have their bite adjusted.

In cases like this, Six Month Smiles clear braces are an excellent choice because they're designed to move just the teeth that show when you smile. Using gentle force, the treatment repositions your front teeth in as little as six months.

With shorter treatment times, Six Month Smiles clear braces are typically more affordable than traditional orthodontics. And they won't detract from your beautiful smile because they're designed to be discreet. Instead of obvious metal braces, the brackets are clear and tooth-colored wires blend well with your natural teeth.

What Is the Process for Six Month Smiles?

Before we decide if Six Month Smiles braces are right for you, Winter Springs dentist Dr. Christopher Young will perform a thorough examination and develop a personalized treatment plan based on his findings. 

Next, a custom dental lab follows our specifications to expertly fabricate your Six Month Smiles braces. When they are ready, we will have you return to our office so we can affix the clear brackets and wires to your teeth.

A customized treatment plan and the unique design of Six Month Smiles makes the process extremely fast and effective. When the desired results have been achieved, we will remove the braces, and you will receive a custom retainer so you can continue treatment at home to maintain the proper position of your teeth.

Six months is the average treatment time, and we have completed cases in anywhere from four to nine months. 

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You deserve a healthy smile that helps you feel confident and happy.

If you would like more information about Invisalign or Six Month Smiles clear braces, please call Advanced Dental Care near the Winter Springs, Winter Park, Oviedo, Tuscawilla, and Casselberry FL areas. We are open four days a week at 7:30 AM for your convenience in arranging appointments that fit your busy schedule.