Root Canal Treatment in Winter Springs, FL

Are you starting to feel soreness, sensitivity, or even noticeable decay in one of your teeth? At times, painful teeth can indicate several conditions worth getting looked at, and the earlier a dentist can determine the cause of pain, the better chance of your teeth staying healthy and intact. In some cases, a root canal treatment can make a world of difference for our patients at Advanced Dental Care!

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatments effectively save an infected tooth and avoid extraction. Each tooth contains inner pulp that assists in the development of dentin (which gives your teeth their nice, white color). Several conditions can lead to pulp infection and compromise a tooth or the gums around it. After a simple exam and x-ray, our dentists can check for infection in the pulp and perform a root canal treatment. Generally, we’ll create an opening in the tooth, remove any infected tissues and thoroughly clean the canals. Afterward, we can fill the tooth with gutta-percha (a permanent material that fills the tooth promotes healthy support for longevity. Lastly, we can use a dental crown to protect the tooth, successfully relieving pain and restoring look and functionality.

When Might I Need a Root Canal Treatment? 

If you notice pain in your teeth or gums, or if something feels a bit off, we encourage you to book a consultation with our professional staff. Some of the common reasons that patients require root canal treatments include:

  • Decay in a tooth or teeth
  • Infection in the pulp 
  • Bleeding or swollen gums 
  • Noticeable infection causing pain or even sickness 
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages 
  • Discoloration in a tooth (this may be due to damaged roots and internal breakdown)
  • Cracked or chipped teeth damaged enough to allow the entry of bacteria

Root Canal Treatments in Winter Springs, FL

At Advanced Dental Care, we understand that our patients can feel hesitant or anxious about undergoing a root canal treatment. Still, we employ anesthetics and create a warm, comfortable environment for any patient who walks in our door. Upon initial consultation, our experienced team offers complete transparency about any treatment and leaves any decisions entirely up to the patient before taking any further steps!

Your Access to Dental Care Matters

We care that our patients receive the care and treatment they deserve. Please visit our Advanced Dental Membership Plan page for more information on convenient, accessible dental coverage that keeps your smile looking and feeling amazing!

How Can I Benefit From a Root Canal Treatment?

So, if you suffer from an infected or highly damaged tooth, why not opt for an extraction? Some may think that getting rid of a tooth can solve the problem, but patients generally fare much better if a dentist can save their tooth with a root canal treatment. Patients who undergo successful root canal treatments can expect some of the following benefits:

  • Alleviation of pain 
  • Restored function 
  • Cosmetic benefits for teeth that once showed signs of decay, chipping, or other damage 
  • Continued support for surrounding teeth and gums 

Root canal treatments offer continued support for a patients’ overall oral health!

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